Since 1977, Fabcon has been fabricating & manufacturing innovative products for a wide variety of customers and markets. With distribution in over fifty countries, Fabcon is housed in a 120,000 square foot facility near California’s Orange County Airport in Santa Ana. Fabcon’s premises are located in a duty free trade, empowerment, and enterprise zones. This along with innovative people and production, allows Fabcon to be competitive in the worldwide marketplace.


Since 1977, Fabcon has been leading the way in providing design and contract manufacturing services and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Utilizing our state of the art facility and equipment, Fabcon has earned the reputation of numerous Fortune 500 companies by meeting our customer’s high manufacturing specifications and delivering quality products on time. We specialize in adhering to stringent tolerances and cosmetic standards, whether the task is to provide quick turn prototypes or large multi-year contract production runs.

Our commitment to Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement programs ensures that we are never satisfied, In conjunction with our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system, you can rest assured that we are providing the highest quality parts, assemblies and systems with the shortest lead times… all at competitive prices supported by the highest standards in Customer Service.

The owners of Fabcon have been involved with many startups and acquisitions over the years, these include:

 Company FoundedProductsDescription
OLEC Corporation1977Imaging EquipmentFounded the same year as Fabcon, OLEC was run as a separate company. OLEC Corporation was wound down and closed in 2009.
Fabrication Concepts Corporation dba: Fabcon1977Vertically integrated fabrication & manufacturingFabcon began as a sheet metal fabricator and evolved into a word class design and contract manufacturing entity.
Zymax1984Printed Circuit EquipmentZymax was acquied in 1989 to expand into the electronics and photo chemical etching markets.
Lite Investments LLC1992Real EstateLite was founded to acquire the facilities that house the various companies in the group.
Teaneck Graphics1949Graphic Arts EquipementTeaneck was acquired in 1995 to expand the range of product in the printing industry.
Stoesser Register Systems1948Registration SystemsStoesser was acquired in 1996 to add registration to the imaging products. The graphic arts product line was sold to Nela in 2007.
Diamond Chase1956Screen Print Tensioning Frames Diamond was acquired in 1997 to expand the distribution and product range for the Screen Print market. The line was sold to Cal Tool & Die in 2004.
Precision Art Coordinators1968Circuit ToolingPAC was acquired in 1997 to add glass tooling for the Printed Circuit and Photo Etch markets.
Alpha Merics1079Ink Jet ProductsAlpha Merics was acquired in 2001 to expand into the Digital Printing market.
OLEC Technologies LLC2007EngineeringOLEC Technologies was created for contract engineering and to develop next generation products.
Dorn SPE1950Screen Print ProductsDorn was acquired in 2006 to get in to the Roller Coater market and expand UV Curing and Dryers.
Frank Matheus & Associates2003Roller Coaters & UV Curing systemsFMA was acquired in 2010 to expand the Roller Coater line to inclue wide format coaters.