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3 Ways Dynamic Digital Signage Can Positively Impact Business

Businesses use digital signage for many purposes, including displaying menus, providing announcements, and creating focal points in waiting areas. As of late, digital signage has become vital for many businesses and their operations as they handle new government regulations and shifting supply chain restrictions.

Digital signage can positively impact your business and its revenues. The global digital signage market is expected to hit $29.8 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 8.6% from 2018 to 2024. Many businesses have now upgraded their signage to stay ahead of the growing competition. If you’re planning on making an upgrade, this blog will reveal three ways dynamic digital signage can positively impact an enterprise.

1. Create a Better Customer Experience

One of the first reasons any business should consider dynamic digital signage is to boost customer experience ratings. It’s been proven that digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays. With so many people constantly on the go, it’s essential to find ways of engaging customers fast.

Since visuals get 94% more views than text-based information, spectacular image-based signage is essential. However, creativity must appear to be cohesive with the rest of the brand’s image. Otherwise, it won’t send consumers the right message. When used effectively, digital displays can drive massive increases in sales, making it critical to get all the elements right. Motion, color, text, and images all play a significant role in helping customers recognize and remember menus and messages.

Here are some key benefits digital signage can provide for customers:

  • Educate & Inform—by effectively providing communication in real-time.
  • Drive Brand Consideration—engaging creative messaging can make messages memorable.
  • Enhance Customer Engagement— incorporating many senses and inspiring them with an immersive experience using enticing videos and dynamic promotional images.

2. Save Time and Money with Dynamic Designs

Dynamic digital signage is customizable and cost-effective. In addition to its ability to create dazzling designs that pop out and catch viewers’ attention, it provides flexibility. By optimizing a company’s display management, staff can easily update digital signage on the fly as needed, create or adjust menus and announcements as events develop, or schedule content to be presented on specific dates and times. These features help minimize employees’ time designing and managing signage and focus on assisting customers.

The proper digital signage can also save businesses time and money since it’s easy to use. Creating those sensational menus or announcements shouldn’t take managers all day to complete. With dynamic digital signage from Fabcon, staff can easily change and edit templates and designs with an easy user interface. It saves them time so they can get back to the other essential elements of their job.

Fabcon’s digital signage also comes with the latest technology for improved analytics. Collect real-time stats and create data-driven business decisions influenced by:

  • Behavior Sensing/Heat Mapping
  • Extensive data analysis (Analytics)
  • Data synchronization (Datalink)
  • Ad playback data analysis (Insights)

Now with the power of MagicInfo, Fabcon can provide clients with the best digital signage management. Fabcon can help manage a company’s digital design displays to create impactful images and advertisements to help grow any business’s ROI. Invest in Fabcon for stunning layouts that can be scheduled to change and update on any network of digital boards created by Fabcon instantly. Fabcon’s software integrates with all types of displays, including LCD and LED signage from standalone to outdoor, interactive displays, video walls, and more.

3. Additional Revenue Source

While many businesses use digital signage for their announcements, it’s easy to generate additional revenue from digital signage by utilizing it as advertising space. According to Mvix, customers spend 30% more time browsing products in stores that have deployed digital signage. Also, they found that 71% of consumers feel that advertising on digital signage stands out more than online ads. These stats present a new opportunity for businesses using digital signage. Companies can generate more ROI from their signage by partnering with local businesses and selling ad space on their boards or partake in an ad splitting campaign through a display provider.

An ad splitting campaign is when digital board providers work with businesses to develop ad spots onto their existing digital signage. Businesses like Fabcon work with companies to gather specifications for shared ad space, considering their desired specifications. They then work as a middle man filling the allotted time and ad space with large company advertisements. With ad splitting, dynamic digital signage can help businesses generate more revenue without additional staff work.

With Fabcon’s new Programmatic management, digital displays provide businesses with a new easy way to generate ad revenue. Through Fabcon’s management services, customized layouts automatically connect with marketing companies, making it easy to manage ad space and collect payment from select corporations. Owners and managers are then allowed to control and limit what ads and corporations are included on company signage and instant ad revenue collection.

Dynamic digital signage is a great and easy way to help businesses thrive. It creates a better customer experience, saves employees time and money, and generates more ROI through advertising. The usage of digital displays will only continue to grow, so stay ahead of the competition and invest in the best digital signage out there.

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