Our customers confidently rely on Fabcon’s extensive capabilities to meet their demanding project scopes and delivery deadlines every day. They trust Fabcon to help facilitate “first to market” new projects as well as repeat business. Our state of the art facility and equipment allows us to meet the demands of our customer’s constantly changing needs. Fabcon has hundreds of long term customers who know they can count on us to meet their requirements, no matter how difficult the manufacturing challenge.

We are experts in custom precision metal fabrication and contract manufacturing and we extend this knowledge into the quality of our Fabcon Systems and Fabcon Creative division products. We offer extended value to fabricated products including electromechanical assembly, turn-key systems and complete supply chain integration.

We are experts in working with a wide variety of materials including aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Our one stop shop facility offers everything from engineering & design services to complete manufacturing including powder coating/ painting / silk screening, assembly, test, packaging and delivery logistics around the world. Fabcon consistently delivers the right combination of price, turn-around time, service and meticulous quality. Contact Us today and let Fabcon demonstrate our commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Services Provided

Auto Load Punch
Auto Load Laser
CNC Machining
Glass Machining
Robotic Weld
Robotic Bend
Automated Cleaning
Robotic Paint
Turnkey Assembly


1-Bystronic 4,000 Watt Fiber Laser
1-Bystronic 4,400 Watt Bystar 3015 Laser
2-Bystronic Bytrans Extended Automated Material Loader
1-Bystronic ByTower 11 Shelf Automated Material Loader
1-Amada Apelio 2,000 Watt 367-III Laser/Turret Combo
1-Amada Apelio 2,000 Watt 2510 Laser/Turret Combo
1-Amada Lasmac 1,500 Watt 1212 Laser
1-Amada CL-510 Automated Loader
1-Bystonic Bytrans Extended Automated Material Loader


1-Amada Pega 367 CNC turret punch with auto index
3-Amada Vipros Queen 357 CNC turret punch with auto index
1-Amada Vipros King 358 CNC turret punch with auto index
2-Amada MP-1225 auto material loader
1-Amada 1012 auto material loader


1-Amada HD 1003ATC Auto-Setup Brake
1-Astro 10’ Robotic Brake
1-Ermaksan 8’ Power Bend Falcon
1-Ermaksan 4’ Power Bend Pro
1-Ermaksan 3’ Micro Bend
1-Amada 14′ HFE 220 ton press brake
1-Amada 10’FcxB 1030 press brake
1-Amada 10′ RG100 press brake w/NC9EX back gauge
4-Amada 6′ RG80 press brakes w/NC9EX back gauges
3-Amada 6′ RG50 press brakes w/NC9EX back gauges

Amada HD 1003 ATC Auto Setup Brake

Machining & Second Operation

1-Haas Super VF3 Machining Center
1-Haas Super Mini Mill Machining Center
1-Fadal 15XT Vertical Machining Center
1-Fadal 5020 Vertical Machining Center
3-Fadal 4020 Vertical Machining Center
1-Sharpe 1880L Precision Engine Lathe
1-Okuma Lb15 Single Bore
1-Haas Sl20 Big Bore Lathe
1-Haas 20HP Vector Drive
1-HEM H105LA Programmable Band saw
1-Amada CS-220 hydraulic notcher
2-DiAcro #2 punch presses
1-DiAcro 24″ x 16 ga. Slip roll
5-Bridgeport milling machines
1-Montgomery 4′ 10 ga. Plate roll
1-Cincinnati four-head drilling mach.
1-Precision cut-off saw
2-cold saws (Doringer, Startite)
1-Exporter LF-612
1-Harig Super 6123
1-Wilson Tool Sharper PDE53


1-Lincoln Electric R350 Robotic Aluminum welder
2-Lincoln SP-125 Plus Weld
1-Universal Robotic Flex Arm Stud Welder
1-Miller 300 amp TIG welders
7-Miller 250 amp TIG welders
2-Miller 251 amp MIG welders
2-Miller 210 amp MIG welders
2-Miller 252 amp MIG welders
5-Miller 350 amp MIG welders
1-Miller plasma cutter
1-Seedorf 170 KVA Spot welder
1-Seedorf 50 KVA Spot welder
1-Janda 30 KVA Spot welder
1-Portable Ciller

Shear & Stamping

1-Amada 6-Foot CNC shear
1-165 Ton AIDA OBI Punch Press

Surface & Grinding

3-Time Saver 36″ line grainers
1-Time Saver rotary wet / dry
1-4′ x6′ sandblaster
1-AEM 36″ line grainer
1-Ramco 18″ line grainer
1-Time Saver 6″ line grainer
1-Sweco 60″ Vibratory Bowl
3-Burr bench vibrator tumblers
1-Amada tool grinder
1-Burr King 1.5″ grinder
1-10″ belt grinder

In-House Paint & Power Coat

1-Conveyorized powder coating automatic spray line
1-Manual Trolley powder coating paint line
1-Three Stage I.P.E. power spray washer
1-I.P.E. Motor Driven Conveyor Line
1-I.P.E. Forced Convection Dry Off Oven/800,000 BTU
1-Liquid Spray Booth
2-J.B.I. powder-coat booth model # PCB-350
1-Cure Oven 3,700,000 BTU
1-Dryoff Oven 350,000 BTU
1-Prewash and Clarifier Tank