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Lean Manufacturing

Fabcon’s culture instills the principles of continuous improvement on a daily basis. Our journey to improve and eliminate wasteful actions is a never ending process. Our customers count on us to create efficient processes and drive out costs as we meet their product specifications and delivery expectations. Whether we are partnering with a Fortune 500 company or a promising new venture, our commitment to improvement remains a priority.

We incorporate a 5S facility environment strategy together with cellular and Kan Ban management techniques as the baseline for our improvement program. Our process improvement and safety teams are vigilant about asking questions and probing into details to improve process flows. We use root cause analysis to identify obstacles and a team approach to overcome obstacles and lay the ground work for improved procedures. Our internal audit team not only focuses on our QMS processes but is also on the look-out for leaning out our processes.

The Fabcon corporate culture allows us to successfully grow our relationships with numerous new customers every year. Let the Fabcon team demonstrate its commitment to continuous improvement and exceed your expectations.

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