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Quality Manufactured Aircraft Parts Essential for Aerospace Companies

The manufactured products of the aerospace industry play a critical role in enabling safe and efficient air travel for national defense and commercial flight. Complex, and often changing engineering requirements, robust quality standards, and configurations of parts imperative to the operational performance of an aircraft lead to a unique set of challenges for the aerospace industry. Balancing the need for manufacturing operational excellence and quality while keeping costs reasonable is a key concern for the industry.

Fabcon is AS 9100 D:2016 + ISO 9001:2015 Certified, AS 9102 First Article Inspection ready, ITAR Registered, and possess the skill sets and experience necessary to meet aerospace and medical industry customer requirements, with our product offering of sheet metal parts and assemblies, machined parts, electro-mechanical assemblies, medical devices, digital displays and kiosks, and imaging equipment.

Aerospace Certifications

Aerospace Manufacturing Capabilities

The extensive range of manufacturing services and capabilities available at Fabcon allow for the entire project to be completed in one facility. Fabcon delivers precise, well-executed metal fabrication of custom products related to aerospace applications that align with the safety and performance guidelines of the aerospace industry.

Services Fabcon Provides

In House Engineering Laser Cutting CNC Machining Sub and Full Assembly Welding Paint and Powder Coating Forming Brake

Aerospace Aircraft Applications

Fabcon has decades of experience creating first class and business class seating for the top names in aerospace manufacturing. Our extensive and comprehensive set of manufacturing capabilities, machinery, and certifications allow for the production of numerous precise parts for aerospace applications which include:

  • Seat brackets
  • Aerospace Chassis
  • Aerospace Enclosures
  • Aerospace Assemblies
  • Aircraft Fasteners

Fabcon Promise

Trust Fabcon when precision and quality are important. We integrate design and manufacturing assembly, making us a superior supplier. Our quality control processes and testing align with those required by the aerospace industry standards guarantee a reliable end product.

Our in-house capabilities including fulfillment and logistics aide in simplifying your manufacturing planning and ensure projects are both cost-effective and delivered on time. We fully support your project, from order processing through final delivery, and beyond.

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