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Custom Metal Fabrication Automotive Components

Quality and precision are essential for automotive metal fabrication. Fabcon is a proud supplier of U.S. made contract manufactured parts used in the automotive industry. Our company uses a wide range of in-house manufacturing capabilities to produce custom parts for law enforcement vehicles, firearms, strong boxes, and components of truck attenuators. To ensure our products meet your specific needs, parts can be fully assembled or sent sub-assembly for a turn-key product going on to the next phase of assembly or testing.

Manufacturing Capabilities for Automotive Components

As a trusted leader in the automotive sector, our wide range of in-house manufacturing capabilities allows us to deliver high-quality, custom metal fabricated automotive components. Our ability to meet the high demands and strict tolerances of the automotive industry saves our customers time, resources, and keeps projects on budget. We offer:

Services Fabcon Provides

In House Engineering Laser Cutting CNC Machining Sub and Full Assembly Welding Paint and Powder Coating Forming Brake

Fabcon Promise

Trust Fabcon when precision and quality are important. We integrate design and manufacturing assembly, making us a superior supplier. Our quality control processes and testing align with those required by the aerospace industry standards guarantee a reliable end product.

Our in-house capabilities including fulfillment and logistics aide in simplifying your manufacturing planning and ensure projects are both cost-effective and delivered on time. We fully support your project, from order processing through final delivery, and beyond.

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