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EV Chargers

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Embracing Electric Charging

Electric vehicles (EV’s) are rapidly becoming a mainstay in daily transportation. With over two million cars being produced and sold per year and growing, the EV industry is changing drastically. With demand for EV cars growing, the current EV charging infrastructure is set to become outdated and unable to keep up with demand. To combat this, the department of energy and transportation has set goals to produce 550,000 publicly accessible charging stations within the coming years.

With demand for EV charging infrastructure flourishing, many modern cities and commercial properties are looking to implement charging stations to meet EV owners’ demands. With the new promise of EV users developing, many cities are looking to implement the infrastructure for residents and tourists alike.

The increase in consumer demand, paired with many large companies that utilize freight trucks such as Amazon, FedEx, and UPS looking to switch to electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint, has driven the market to embrace electric vehicle technology.

As a trusted, reliable supplier of U.S.-made custom metal fabricated EV charging stations, Fabcon can provide innovative and customizable charging solutions for your establishment. If you’re ready to invest, Fabcon can help your business become part of the infrastructure solution!

Quality Electric Charging Station Manufacturer

From concept to completion, Fabcon helps your EV charging vision come to life. With in-house design and engineering, our team is ready to meet your project’s specific requirements and help your business embrace EV power.

The extensive range of manufacturing services and capabilities available at Fabcon allows the entire project to be completed in one facility. Fabcon delivers precise, well-executed metal fabrication of custom products that align with the electric vehicle industry’s safety and performance guidelines.

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Fabcon Experience You Can Rely On

As your trusted EV Charging Station Manufacturer, we are ready to make your EV vision come to life. Our designers are prepared to work with you to ensure your smart electric car charging kiosks appeal to customers and add to your storefronts curbside appeal to keep customers coming back for more.

Fabcon’s EV charging designs integrate digital signage displays, perfect for showcasing customizable content to pedestrians and drivers pausing for a charge.

Enjoy products that feature Pro 40a, 10kw chargers. With “smart” integrated technology that features a customizable app that measures power and voltage as well as the time a car starts charging and the end of each charge.

Our charging stations are constructed using weather-resistant and rugged aluminum and support high-end display systems like the Samsung 55” OHF display. Rest assured that you will receive years of service with this high-quality EV charging kiosk. This kiosk can also be painted any color you desire and include printed decals and kiosk wraps.

Our factory can fulfill high-volume orders at low costs while our engineers collaborate to deliver charging solutions that are adaptable to any environment.

Fabcon Promise

Fabcon’s trustworthy team is your go-to for any manufacturing project that requires precision and quality. With our ability to handle your project’s full needs in-house, from logistics aid to manufacturing and fulfillment, we are your one-stop-shop for all things EV charging. As a superior supplier, we can simplify your work and ensure your projects are cost-effective and completed in a timely manner.

We are ready to support your project fully. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist in providing manufacturing services for your EV charging station.

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