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Facilities – Santa Ana

We are housed in an ISO 9001:2015 approved 120,000 square foot state of the art facility that is in a State Enterprise and Federal Empowerment Zone. The company is SBA HUB zone certified and provides significant scalability for small to large multi-year contract production runs.

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Equipment List


1-Bystronic 4,000 Watt Fiber Laser
1-Bystronic 4,400 Watt Bystar 3015 Laser
2-Bystronic Bytrans Extended Automated Material Loader
1-Bystronic ByTower 11 Shelf Automated Material Loader
1-LCG 3015 AJ Fiber Laser 6000
1-Amada AMS 3015 CLT 10 Shelf Automated Material Loader
1-Amada EMLK 3610NT 4,000 Watt Laser/Turret Combo
1-Amada ASR510-M 6 Shelf Automated Material Loader
1-Amada Apelio 2,000 Watt 2510 Laser/Turret Combo
1-Amada Lasmac 1,500 Watt 1212 Laser
1-Epilog Legend 32EX 75 Watt Laser

Amada EMLK 3610NT 4000 Watt Laser/Turret Combo


1-Amada Pega 367 CNC turret punch with auto index
3-Amada Vipros Queen 357 CNC turret punch, auto index
1-Amada Vipros King 358 CNC turret punch, auto index


1-Amada HD 1003ATC Auto-Setup Brake
1-Astro 10’ Robotic Brake
1-Ermaksan 8’ Power Bend Falcon
1-Ermaksan 4’ Power Bend Pro
1-Ermaksan 3’ Micro Bend
1-Amada 14′ HFE 220 ton press brake
1-Amada 10’FcxB 1030 press brake
1-Amada 10′ RG100 press brake w/NC9EX back gauge
4-Amada 6′ RG80 press brakes w/NC9EX back gauges
3-Amada 6′ RG50 press brakes w/NC9EX back gauges

Amada HD 1004 ATC Auto Setup Brake


1-Haas Super VF3 Machining Center
1-Haas Super Mini Mill Machining Center
1-Haas VF-11 Large Machining Center
1-Fadal 15XT Vertical Machining Center
1-Fadal 5020 Vertical Machining Center
3-Fadal 4020 Vertical Machining Center
1-Haas Sl20 Big Bore Lathe
1-Haas 20HP Vector Drive
1-HEM H105LA Programmable Band saw
1-Amada CS-220 hydraulic notcher
1-DiAcro 24″ x 16 ga. Slip roll
5-Bridgeport milling machines
1-Montgomery 4′ 10 ga. Plate roll
1-Cincinnati four-head drilling mach.
2-cold saws (Doringer, Startite)
1-Wilson Tool Sharper PDE53


1-Lincoln Electric R350 Robotic Aluminum welder
2-Lincoln SP-125 Plus Weld
1-Universal Robotic Flex Arm Stud Welder
1-Miller 300 amp TIG welders
7-Miller 250 amp TIG welders
2-Miller 251 amp MIG welders
2-Miller 210 amp MIG welders
2-Miller 252 amp MIG welders
5-Miller 350 amp MIG welders
1-Lincoln Electric R350 Robotic Steel Welder
1-Miller plasma cutter
1-Seedorf 170 KVA Spot welder
1-Seedorf 50 KVA Spot welder
1-Janda 30 KVA Spot welder
1-Portable Chiller


1-Conveyorized powder coating spray line
1-Manual Trolley powder coating paint line
1-Three Stage power spray washer
1-I.P.E. Motor Driven Conveyor Line
1-I.P.E. Convection Oven/800,000 BTU
1-Liquid Spray Booth
2-J.B.I. powder-coat booth
1-Cure Oven 3,700,000 BTU
1-Dryoff Oven 350,000 BTU
1-Prewash and Clarifier Tank


3-Screen Printing stations
Graphic Wrap Service


1-Amada 6-Foot CNC shear


2-Haegar 8-ton hardware press
6-Haegar 6-ton hardware presses
1-12″ Alligator squeeze


3-Burr bench vibrator tumblers


1-Romer Infinite 2.0
1-Mitutoyo Optical
1-CMM, Automatic, Sheffield Endeavor 2
Numerous Standard Electrical and Mechanical
Measuring Devices
1-Optical Inspection System, Fabrivision


1-Hino 30′ enclosed van
2-Isuzu 16′ enclosed vans
2-Isuzu 12′ stake-bed truck

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