Fabcon provides products and services to a diverse and wide range of industries and markets. This diversification allows the company to reduce exposure to single market dependence and cyclicality and results in Fabcon’s participation in numerous markets, both domestic and international. With over 35 years of experience, Fabcon’s products and services have leadership positions in a significant number of these markets. Our logistical network allows the Fabcon team to handle your packaging and delivery requirements anywhere in the world.


Fabcon has been a strategic design and manufacturing partner to many of the largest retail brands in the nation including clothing and eye-ware fixtures, interactive kiosks and digital signs.

Food Service

Fabcon manufactures numerous interactive & self-serve tablet stands, digital signs and menu boards for large restaurant chains, QSR’s and family owned food service establishments.


Movie theatres, amusement parks, and outdoor venues represent a growing trend towards interactive digital signage and interactive kiosks.


Self Service, payment, wayfinding and advertising devices have become common fixtures in hotel chains, cruise ships and convention centers.

Convenience Stores

Interactive displays, retail fixtures, smart safes, and digital signage are critical to driving convenience store chain sales growth

Action Sports

Major clothing brands, eye-ware, racing, cycling, skiing & other high performance sporting industries are directing their marketing budgets towards interactive retail fixtures, kiosks and digital signs.


The Fabcon team has provided concurrent engineering design and product manufacturing services to this industry for decades. Fabcon counts prime contractors as well as Tier 2 and 3 vendors as our customer partners.


Enclosures, carts, assemblies and check in kiosks are a sample of the products that are manufactured for this industry. Fabcon is proud to count several Fortune 500 companies in this industry as partners for more than 20 years.


Fabcon has been a leading vendor partner to several telecom customers manufacturing chassis, racks and components as well as large cell tower base stations.


A massive market that Fabcon has serviced for decades by providing chassis, brackets, box build and electronic assemblies based on customer’s stringent specifications.


After-market automotive fabricated and machined parts, safety & storage equiment as well as auto dealer fixtures and promotional displays.


Fabcon’s “Build to print” services are well suited for this diverse range of markets including capital equipment, pumps, furniture and packaging segments to name a few.

Graphic Arts

Services include graphical arts equipment kit parts and systems for the proprietary OLEC, Dorn and FMA roller coater products. In addition, Fabcon provides engineering, design and manufacturing services for the flexographic equipment industry, manufacturing sub assemblies and fully tested electro-mechanical systems.

Printed Circuit

Fabcon continues to provide engineering design services as well as manufactured kit parts, assemblies and structures for the proprietary OLEC branded imaging systems.


In addition to manufacturing computer racks, power system enclosures and panels/brackets, Fabcon manufactures complete proprietary “server on the wall” systems for an international partner.

Instrumentation & Test

Fabcon provides numerous products to the Instrumentation & test industries including large pressure chambers & enclosure systems.


Our manufacturing & design services have been utilized by various city and municipal agencies for airport and transportation authority projects as well as by partners who sell products to governmental agencies including Border Patrol, Police forces and Home Land Security.


Fabcon provides engineering and turn-key manufacturing services to several financial safe manufacturers and money handling kiosk partners.