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Medical Device Manufacturing

Precise Manufactured Parts for Medical Device Companies

Advances to technology and techniques within the medical field require the development of innovative medical devices and instruments for use in diagnosing and treating illnesses, and for the overall improvement of patient care. Medical device companies must balance the demand of creating more effective medical equipment while also trying to keep health care costs low—which has led to many companies outsourcing manufacturing to one-stop custom manufacturers that offer a full range of services starting from concept and engineering, all the way through supply chain management.

When manufacturing varieties of medical equipment from surgical instruments and machinery, to sterilization equipment, and kiosks used for patient management, quality and precision are critical. The medical industry requires strict adherence to industry standards to ensure the quality of these essential tools. As an ISO 9001 certified company with over 40 years of experience, Fabcon remains an industry leader in custom medical device manufacturing..

Medical Device Manufacturing Capabilities

Fabcon’s level of expertise in custom metal fabrication and contract manufacturing, combined with a wide range of capabilities, allows the entire scope of your project to be done under one roof to the strictest of tolerances and safety regulations. Fabcon is able to deliver precise parts that are used for multiple medical applications from the stages of initial product design through delivery.

Fully Assembled Components for Medical Device Companies

For over forty years, Fabcon has delivered fully assembled frames and aluminum covers for medical devices and machinery. The range of manufacturing capabilities delivers a complete part ready for final wiring and completion for a range of applications used within the medical industry including:

  • Medical testing equipment
  • Sterilizer pumps
  • Sterilizers (more than one model type- for surgical instruments)
  • Medical printer enclosure
  • General medical equipment
  • Medical check-in kiosk
  • Medical payment kiosk
  • Medical carts (numerous models for different functions)
  • Medical assemblies (used for different functions)
  • Medical analyzer
  • Laser eye surgery enclosure
  • Eye surgery chassis

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Fabcon Promise

Turn to Fabcon when precise fabrication and quality control are critical. As a full-service contract manufacturer, we combine design and engineering with manufacturing assembly and excellent customer service, making us a choice supplier in medical device manufacturing. We adhere to the medical industry standards with our quality control processes and testing, delivering an exceptional product every time.

Our in-house capabilities including fulfillment and logistics aide in simplifying your manufacturing planning and ensure projects are both cost-effective and delivered on time. We fully support your project, from order processing through final delivery, and beyond.

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