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Recovery Products to Keep your Business Safe from COVID‐19 this Coming Winter

The Coronavirus pandemic has left its mark on the world for years to come. The psychological impact regarding personal health and wellness goes beyond anything that has been experienced in recent memory. As a business, you are presented with the challenges of re‐opening and easing back into operations, all while adopting practices that conform to “the new normal.” With winter just around the corner and cases expected to rise, you want ways to ensure the safety of your patrons and employees. Here are some of the recovery products Fabcon partners in manufacturing that aid in the changing landscape of retail, food service, and event planning.

PPE Clean Cart

The PPE Clean Cart is here to lead the way in sanitation accessibility by providing portable, non‐powered hand washing stations to gatherings in any environment, public or private. These products are built to last, manufactured with ultra‐durable starboard plastic and powder coated steel frames. Each of the three different sized units come standard with:

  • PPE Distribution & Storage System
  • 10‐Gallon Clean & Grey Water Storage
  • Twin Foot‐powered Sinks (No Electricity)
  • Automatic Touch Free Sanitizer & Soap Dispensers
  • Two Motion Activated Night Lights
  • 200+ Hand Washes per Refill
  • 360 Degree Locking Swivel Casters
  • Customizable graphics options

COVID‐19 has changed the way we gather in public spaces such as schools, restaurants, live events, and work stations. The Clean Carts offer value‐added solutions to the multitude of logistical issues that organizers will accrue while attempting to make these assemblies safer. Whether it is for an elementary school playground, a construction site, or a concert— PPE Clean Cart is the modern solution.

The carts are formulated to be hyper-mobile, rugged to the extreme, and easy to maintain. The interior storage unit shelves have the capability to house a sizable amount of PPE/cleaning products, as well as extra hand sanitizers, soaps, towels, etc.

Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

The only way to truly minimize the spread of harmful pathogens from person to person is to ensure that everyone has access to proper sanitization. Handwashing is ideal, but in a retail environment where customers and employees are on‐the‐go, hand sanitizer is the go‐to option.

Fabcon’s hand sanitizer kiosks and dispenser stands ensure that everyone within your vicinity stays safe. By placing these in high‐traffic areas, you can mitigate the risk of infection and send the message to your customers that you care about their safety.

The Fabcon Flex hand sanitizing floor stand is a simple, economical stand for ensuring your customers have access to a contactless hand sanitizer station. The stands are designed to hold either a 24” or 32” screen to deliver important store information, health protocols, or promotions via digital messaging. This stand utilizes a minimal footprint and can be adapted to include several options including cameras for tracking impressions and sensors for reading temperatures.

RichTech All‐in‐One Temperature Screening Stands

Fabcon has teamed up with RichTech to provide contract manufacturing in the development of commercial products for the AATSS V2 Pro. This automated AI temperature screening system has everything a business needs to create a safer working environment for employees and customers as they reopen. The AATSS V2 Pro is the ultimate solution and first line of defense against the spread of COVID‐19, offering:

  • Remote SMS & Email Notifications
  • Live Monitoring Functionality
  • Face Mask Detection
  • Auto Height Adjustment
  • Integrated COVID health Q&A
  • Badge Printing
  • Data Export & Encryption Protocols
  • Cloud Management Capabilities

Previously manufactured overseas, RichTech recognized the high demand for the thermal camera solutions and wanted to provide this important product at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Fabcon was able to step in and offer custom U.S. manufacturing of this product and quickly brought production to the United States.

Portable Digital Signage

When it comes to keeping customers or event attendees safe in a public setting, high‐quality digital signage is the way to go. Fabcon’s “Folding” and “Rolling” A‐Frame products offer a simple, low cost digital poster solution for a variety of applications from wayfinding, to communicating important health and safety messaging. This can include Federal, State and local Government regulations.

In today’s world, a simple vehicle to offer a heightened awareness and communication program for store customers is essential. Available options that can be incorporated include line management, people counting, and analytics. A subscription content management program or product advertising revenue stream platform is also available.

Fabcon A‐Frames feature a powerful, all‐in‐one signage solution with easy content and display management, which include:

  • Samsung QM32R or LG 32SM5KE display
  • Built‐in media player
  • 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
  • Integrated Wi‐Fi
  • 400 NITS brightness rating
  • 3 year on‐site warranty
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Optional Battery Solution

At Fabcon, we are committed to helping restore operations for businesses across the country through providing comprehensive, dependable recovery products to keep employees and customers safe as they return to public spaces. Contact Fabcon to learn more about our fleet of contract manufactured COVID‐19 recovery solutions.

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