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Back to School: How College Campuses Can Become More Accessible Through Implementing Dynamic Digital Signage Solutions

The modern college campus is fast-paced, diverse, and constantly changing. Keeping up with the most progressive information sharing platforms is necessary for fostering an optimal learning environment— which subsequently attracts the most competitive, forward-thinking applicants and staff. The way students have observed shared spaces has evolved, and the signage systems that universities use to communicate should adapt as well.

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Here are five reasons why college campuses and stadiums should introduce or update their digital signage technologies:

Ease of information

Whether it’s an issue of not knowing who to call or where to look online, not everyone has the same access to information. Digital signage can provide real-time data for anyone on campus— from visitors to current and prospective students or staff members. Information for box office events, campus hours/holidays, and general announcements can all be arranged collaboratively and efficiently on digital signage content management systems.

Emergency Announcements

In 2020, the communication of health and safety protocols is of the utmost importance on college campuses. It is a priority to not only keep students healthy and informed during a pandemic, but also to provide instant weather notifications that indicate possible natural disasters, and broadcast active shooter alerts or other on-campus safety threats. Features such as LED displays catch the immediate attention of pedestrians in situations like these. Providing specialized directional signage to keep crowds moving is crucial in times when social distancing is necessary.


Navigating through campus as a visitor or new student can be a challenge – it shouldn’t have to be. Digital signage and interactive kiosks have the visualization tools to optimize how people find their way around campus and buildings. Digital signage can display campus directories providing students and visitors with staff contact information, office locations, and various walking routes to the respective offices. A digitized approach offers a more streamlined, modern solution to presenting standard information.

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Modern Aesthetic and Universal Design

Creating a dynamic, interactive atmosphere for learning spaces while maintaining a sleek and practical look can be challenging. When looking for digital signage solutions, keep universal accessibility in mind to cater to a diverse audience of both students and staff with varying cultural backgrounds. The advanced design and engineering of digital signage products results in high quality, durable enclosures that deliver on both modern aesthetic expectations and longevity, making them a worthwhile investment.

Programmatic Content & Scheduling

Modern signage solutions combine high-quality software and hardware that work together seamlessly for more efficient, widespread communication. A Content Management System (CMS) allows a communications coordinator or marketing director to instantly upload new content with minimal hassle.

 Intuitive content management is particularly useful on a campus where different spaces demand different content to cater to their audiences. It is highly likely that a biology student in a science building would prefer to be shown information that applies to their major over generic campus information. Through innovative digital signage technology, area-specific messaging is programmed from a central hub on campus quickly.

Developing Campus Communities

 Whether looking to promote sporting and special events, garner a collective interest for clubs and niche communities on campus, or display more practical information, electronic digital displays allow the opportunity to revolutionize the way audiences engage with information. Innovative digital signage provides universities and higher education institutions the opportunity to create engaging content and represent themselves to a broader audience.

Fabcon’s in‐house design and engineering team and extensive manufacturing capabilities make them a leading provider of custom digital signage solutions and multi‐use kiosks designed to fit the modern campus’s demanding needs. To learn more about our digital signage products, contact us today.

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